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June 23, 2019 

water on

2019  HOA Dues

$150 Per Home

Due February 1st - Late after March 1st

Mail to:  Cody HOA

PO Box 40326, Grand Junction, CO 81504


See below for important information regarding use. Also please check the bulletin board on the home page for the most up to date information on system operation issues


Cody HOA utilizes an ODD/EVEN watering schedule in order to make sure that there is plenty of water for everyone.

Odd numbered addresses water on

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. 


Even numbered addresses water on

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.  

 Anyone can water on Sunday. 

The pump house is set up on a timer

and a low water level system. . 

Operation times are:

6:00 A. M. until 8:00AM

10:00 AM until 11:30 AM 

4:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Or until the cisterns run dry. Additionally one more water period from 10:00PM -11:30 PM is in place but 


If too many people try to water at one time the cistern runs dry and the pumps automatically shut down until the cistern refills. This is a typical occurrence and not one that we are able to correct except by allowing the cisterns to refill. 



Cody HOA is stating that they are not responsible for the repair of above ground irrigation pipes and valves. Any pipe above ground including the riser line for your personal yard and the 2" valve is your responsibility to maintain.  Furthermore, any lines and valves on your side of the two inch valve are not the responsibility of CODY HOA to maintain.  It is the property owner’s responsibility to make the necessary repairs. If a leak occurs in your yard and we cannot access the 2" valve the water will be shut down at the pump house and you will be contacted to shut off the 2" valve and so you may commence with repairs. Once the 2" valve is closed Cody HOA  will recharge the system for the rest of the homeowners.  If the 2" valve or riser fail and you cannot schedule repairs in a 24 hour period Cody HOA we will commence repair of the affected pipe/ valves at your expense for labor and materials so the system can be brought back on line for the rest of the subdivision. 




Joe Grout 245 3975

Ty Ducray 640 7329

Ned Bunn 260 6539

Ralph Kulp 644 7364

Gary Langdon 314 2595


  Grand Valley Drainage District Drainage Fee


Update based on most recent postcard Dated April 2019 

GVDD say we will recieve 68% of the fees we paid by the end of April 2019 then the remainder

sometime in the next 4-5 YEARS. Please DO NOT support the illegal actions of this board.

They are crying about all the hardships this action against them has caused.

They like any other entity in the public's benefit need to realize that the simplest

way to create distrust is to take illegal actions.

We are in an area that had to create our own drainage system

as GVDD would not in any way assist in the one thing they were designed to do. 


Please check this page for updates as they become