About Us


Cody Subdivision HOA is a homeowners association run by volunteers from the homes within the subdivision.

We have a general membership meeting during mid-January of every year. (You will be notified of the exact date and place in plenty of time to attend). We welcome you and desire your input – so please plan to attend our next meeting. Our association is only as good as the caring and interested people who make up the membership. Your interest and participation is vital and will help to keep our neighborhood a great place to live.

At present, our yearly dues are $150, and are due and payable February 1st. If dues are not received by March 15th of the year they are due, a late charge of $5.00 per month will be added to those dues. The late fee will begin March 15th and continue to increase by $5.00 for each month that is delinquent. The amount of dues can vary from year to year in accordance with budget needs. Dues can be paid to the treasurer at the general meeting or mailed to Cody HOA, P. O. Box 40326, Grand Junction, CO 81504.

Your dues pay for many things – not the least of which is the delivery of irrigation water. Our association pays a yearly fee to Highland Park Lateral Ditch and Drainage Company to ensure that water reaches our cistern and pump house located at the corner of Darby and Patterson Road. We have two 5-H. P. Pumps (along with a third spare pump) to maintain and keep in working order.

Dues also pay for the cost of maintaining the retention facility in the southwest corner of the subdivision, (of which you became a partial owner when you purchased your home), as well as the cost of insurance for the association, incidental legal fees, administrative costs, maintenance of pumps and pressurized lines as well as Xcel Energy costs for electricity to run the pump house.

We are always in need of volunteers to help monitor the pump house  during irrigation season. At present, anyone interested in volunteering can contact us through the contact page on this web site.